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Dear Friends & Colleagues,


7th India Biodiversity Meet (November 19-21, 2019)


On behalf of the conference organizers, it is my immense pleasure to invite you to participate in the India Biodiversity Meet - 2019b.


India is one of the world's 12 mega-biodiversity centers, and the subcontinent is one of the six centers of origin of species. Although India is designated as a mega-biodiversity area, it also has two of the world's most threatened ‘hot spots', the Eastern Himalayan region and the Western Ghats. To quote Professor M.S. Swaminathan, both are paradises of valuable genes but are inching towards the status of ‘Paradise Lost.' Loss and fragmentation of natural habitats, overexploitation of plant and animal species, the impact of invasive alien species, and climate change are causing the loss of biodiversity. From the common man to the big corporates, the future of our growth depends on conserving the variety and richness of biodiversity. 


With alarm bells already ringing loud and clear, the 7th India Biodiversity Meet (IBM) is all set to bring to the discussion table the pertinent threats to biodiversity, food security, and climate change. The conference is intended to focus on spatiotemporal variation in biodiversity, quantitative ecology, mathematical and theoretical biology, sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, and climate change impact assessment. IBM-2019 is expected to provide an excellent platform for experts and practitioners to join and share the outcomes of their research and discuss novel ideas on these issues.


This event is proudly hosted by Indian Statistical Institute at its Kolkata campus. This unique institution is devoted to the research, teaching, and application of statistics, natural sciences, and social sciences. Kolkata, the metropolis of eastern India, is an old city having immense importance in the pages of Indian history with its rich cultural heritage. For the last five years, IBM has witnessed several eminent international and Indian scientists/academicians exchanging thoughts which would lead to constructive & novel research and conservation principles applicable to the Indian and International scenario. We are hopeful that IBM-2019b will strive hard towards breaching its own benchmark with your active participation and cooperation. In this backdrop, we hope that you will reserve the dates in your diary, and join us in this event in the City of joy.


I look forward to your attendance and active participation in the 7th India Biodiversity Meet.

Yours sincerely, 


Dr. Abhishek Mukherjee

(Organizing secretary, IBM-2019b)

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